Joseph Waldo | Subway Stache

Witty Moustache Graffiti
Witty Moustache Graffiti

(I know this is old news, but I still like it)

The agents here at My Secret Stache Headquarters are based in NYC, so we occasionally ride the subway when our minions are unable to carry the sedan chairs.  Graffiti of all kinds catch our attention, and there is many a poorly scrawled moustache on a celebrity visage, but of all the markered moustaches that caught our eye, none has been as witty, nor as prolific as this one.

Though he has since been stopped by the NYPD, you can still ocassionaly see his work in the underground urbas art galleries of the MTA thanks to their decidedly slow speed of replacing out of date advertisements.

The Man Behind the Moustache | Subway Art Blog.

Moustache Man, Joseph Waldo Arrested | NY CBS Local

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